The Current Happenings of Fine Beer and Charcuterie Enthusiasts

A Week Of Street Food


Every culture around the world has a long history of eating on the move. Often it is a defining element of their cuisine that has been passed down for generations. Begining on Tuesday, March 3rd we will explore a range of delicious bites each day of the week starting at 5pm. We hope to see you there!

For this years event we will be focusing on regional street food of Mexico, Central and South America. Here is the lineup:

Plantain Tostada (Tostones)
crisp refried plantain chips/skirt steak/black beans/lime crème /pickled peppers and onions

Carimanolas (Yucca fritter)
smashed yucca stuffed with mushrooms/spinach/smoked gouda/aji chili salsa

Baleadas (Thick flour tortilla)
fermented refried red beans/crème/avocado salsa/braised chicken thighs/pickled onions

Pupusa (Stuffed corn flour cake)
corn flour flatbread stuffed with winter squash/bacon/queso oaxaca/spicy tomato jam/fermented cabage slaw (cordito)

Fresh Corn Tacos
48hr. pork butt/sweet potato mole/queso fresco/shrimp aguachile/pickled red cabbage